Dayna Gelinas, Founder of New Day Yoga

T01-YA-TEACHER-ERYT-500As a Christian who taught high school English, I kept two constants in my life: Jesus and physical fitness. My highly-demanding teaching career required that I keep balanced emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically, and although attending church kept me grounded spiritually, going to a gym (after 15 years) was no longer supplying the whole-person fitness that I was seeking. I tried kick-boxing and dance until the calming, spiritual element of yoga caught my attention.  At my first official yoga class in 1998 I found the rest and quiet for my mind, as well as the stretching and strengthening for my body, that I desired. I immediately left the competitive, performance-based styles of exercise for the more accepting one of yoga.  To me, yoga echoed the truth of the words in Isaiah 30:15, “In quietness and trust is your strength.”


     After two years of practicing yoga, I went through an extensive training program with the Atlanta Yoga Fellowship and became certified at the 200 hour level. In 2002 I became an *RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) in the hopes that I could teach yoga from a Christian perspective. I wanted to more openly incorporate Christ– His truth, His balance, His strength, His peace– into the practice of yoga, and I wanted to share with other Believers three things:
  1. Yoga is a discipline to fortify both physical and spiritual health.
  2. By practicing yoga postures, overall health of the body, mind, and nervous system improve.
  3. By adding Biblical scripture and prayer to a yoga practice, the faith of the one who practices grows.


        Most importantly, I wanted to help others discover the connection between their physical and spiritual well-being. As the body, mind and spirit combine in pursuing health, the whole person benefits– not just the body and mind– but the spirit as well. With these goals, my weekly classes began in 2002 and by February of 2003 New Day Yoga was born.  To this day my regular students continue to be a source of inspiration for me.


     Following the lead of the Holy Spirit and in keeping with my new mission to teach yoga from a Christian perspective, I became an *E-RYT 200 (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) in 2005 and started the New Day Yoga School in 2006 with the first class of Yoga Teacher Training at the 200 hour level. The school provides a place where Christians can train to become yoga teachers without having to filter out Hindu and Buddhist influences that color most yoga teacher training programs.  This new direction of training others to teach took me back into my roots as an academic teacher and drew on my skills and experience of curriculum planning, evaluation, and individualized instruction. It allowed me the gift of passing on the wisdom of yoga and the truth of Jesus to others whom I knew would then pass it on to still others–all for the glory of God.


     In 2009 I completed the requirements to become an RYT 500, and in 2010 after another 500 hours of yoga classes, I became an E-RYT 500. In 2011 New Day Yoga started offering a Yoga Teacher Training at the 500 hour level. This newest accomplishment is more than just a goal that I have met; it is my passion. I long to see yoga taught from a Christian perspective in every city, every town, every state, every country—every place that yoga is taught. The ancient yogis’ original purpose for practicing yoga was to create a pathway to God. Well, Jesus Christ has done that for all mankind for all eternity, and I want the whole world and every heart to know it.


     Little did I know in 1998 when I stepped into my first yoga class in a gym that I would be pioneering the path for others to not only practice, but also to teach, yoga from a Christian perspective.  But this indeed is where the Lord has led me—with the help and support of my husband, my church family, my family and my students.


     It’s been said that once you find your niche everything seems to fall into place.  I have to agree.  I found my niche in Christ, and He’s caused my life’s experiences to come together, now, in union, in “yoga,” with Him.

For more on Dayna’s Contributions to Yoga from a Christian Perspective, click here.



Jennifer PrescottJennifer Prescott, RYT 500, began practicing yoga consistently in 2007 after a knee injury. She was a former ballet dancer in her youth and a runner in her 30’s. Jennifer found New Day Yoga at her own church where Dayna held many classes. She learned how to connect the spirit with the mind and body, and how to be kind to herself. With God’s intervention she was able to participate in New Day Yoga’s teacher training in 2015, and now shares her practice with others, bringing awareness and alignment into her teaching.




Bambi Kendrick, RYT 200, RN, having a diverse professional background in many areas of nursing, remained enthusiastic and inquisitive about the healing arts. Embarking on  a study of spirituality, health and healing and the impact of meditation in modern healthcare, she deepened her knowledge through the 200-Hour YTT at New Day Yoga. She has studied Yoga with Dayna since 2012, committing to the practice and seeing the positive results yoga can have to counter the effects of years of walking, jogging, poor body mechanics, and aging on the body and mind mired in unbalanced habits.  Yoga has freed her from the ‘expectation’ that limitations inevitably accompany age, and meditation continues to inspire and support the exciting contemplative spiritual journey that is unfolding for her.





Frequently Asked Questions Concerning NDY Teachings

1. How do you handle chakras in your training and in your studio? Do you teach chakras in the traditional sense or just as part of learning about yoga philosophy?

Chakras are “wheels of energy” theoretically located in our body. We know energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed. At NDY we teach the chakras as energy created by God for God. We have nothing to fear in researching or studying energy and its effect on our lives, just like we have no reason to fear researching and studying anything that God has created like nature, laws of gravity, speed, light, sound, etc. Just because we don’t understand it all and may not get it exactly right all the time, doesn’t mean it’s not worth our study. Just look at all the advances being made right now in the whole mind-body connection. Our brain and nervous system are amazing! As are all our bodily systems. At NDY we study those systems and the energy associated with them.

2. Many Christians consider the Chakras and the Kundalini as New Age concepts and dangerous for Christians to practice as you could open yourself up to energies that we are not meant to mess with. How do you feel about this?

Kundalini is a myth at best or a demon spirit at worst. There are lots of myths out there as well as plenty of demon spirits. As Believers filled with the Holy Spirit, we have no need to fear either. At NDY we don’t give Kundalini the time of day, just like we don’t give Witchcraft or Shamanism the time of day. Those beliefs are out there, but they have no part in NDY.

3. Do you teach poses, mantras, mudras, and pranayama practices that are designed to balance the individual chakras?

Sure, you can do certain poses, etc., to balance your energies. Our body and mind are full of physical and emotional pressure points that respond when stimulated.

5. What are your thoughts about Meditation?

Meditation is what you make it. We all meditate on something even if that something is nothing. At NDY we look at what the Bible says about it, and we practice that. We also practice being still in God’s presence and enjoying His company. It’s simple. The Christian life truly is simple—not easy—but simple.

4. Do you only teach meditation on the word of God or are there mantras that you consider “safe” for Christians?

It is “safe” and pleasing to God to meditate on “whatever is true, right, noble, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy.” (Phil. 4:8) If what you use as a mantra or affirmation lines up with the Truth of Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible, you are “safe.”


Student Testimonials

  • 3-6 Every time you cross my mind, I break out in exclamations of thanks to God. Each exclamation is a trigger to prayer. I find myself praying for you with a glad heart. I am so pleased that you have continued on in this with us, believing and proclaiming God’s Message, from the day you heard it right up to the present. There has never been the slightest doubt in my mind that the God who started this great work in you would keep at it and bring it to a flourishing finish on the very day Christ Jesus appears.

    Jamie Wise, YTT Graduate 2008
  • New Day Yoga, for me, was a HUGE blessing. It was everything I had hoped it would be and more. I learned about yoga, yoga philosophy, and all aspects associated with the physical aspect, too. However, on a much deeper level, I learned about the Lord and about how we can take the practice of yoga & help others grow in their walk with Him through the physical practice, meditation, & centering prayer of yoga.

    The Lord’s presence was definitely felt throughout the training. As we, a small, intimate group would gather each weekend, there was a refreshing to be had from Him. The atmosphere & the people God chose to be there at that particular time was no accident. It all combined to make it a perfect YTT. There was a time of learning from each other, from Dayna, and most important, from Him.

    Dayna Gelinas is a wonderful person, with a heart for teaching. She loves the Lord & it is apparent through all that she does, but mostly to us, as students, it was apparent in how she took a seemingly “non-Christian” item such as yoga & interwove it with Scripture.

    The curriculum is VERY thorough & I feel well prepared to take the next step as a teacher. Dayna’s effectiveness as a teacher is apparent in this aspect as well. Though there was a lot of material to get through, she was very organized & we got through it all and learned so, so much. Due to the comprehensive nature of the material that we studied, it was very obvious that there was a high standard to hold ourselves to as teachers. However, Dayna never made us feel as if that standard was out of reach. Instead, she helped us feel as if we already possessed that ability as teachers, that it just needed to be fine-tuned.

    Overall, I would say that I have learned more than I thought possible in 10 months. I never thought I would feel as equipped as I do. I am ready to be a yoga teacher that helps others heal in their body, and points them to the One who can heal their souls. YTT 2008 was an experience I will never forget. I made friends for life, I met amazing women with hearts that yearn for more of God and who want to show others how they can know Him, too. The most important thing I walk away from in this training is a stronger, more secure relationship with my Savior.

    The following verses sum up quite well how I feel about YTT 2008:

    Philippians 1: 3-6 (The Message)
  • My experience at New Day Yoga Teacher Training was amazing! I began the program just wanting to learn more about the Christian Perspective in practicing yoga. I traveled to Kennesaw, Ga each month for 10 months from Pennsylvania. That sounds extreme, doesn’t it?

    Well, I emerged from this training with extreme results! Through Dayna’s compassionate, caring, and professional training I am now a Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher. My mission statement for my life is to “inspire, guide, and encourage others to know Christ well.” If we take a step toward what God has been dreaming for us to do, He will do mighty and great things; that is a promise. I recommend this training highly and would be happy to talk to anyone interested in taking this course.

    Donna Cross, YTT Graduate 2008
  • Dayna’s YTT has been the most significant educational experience I’ve had in my life so far. What I learned goes far beyond how to teach yoga poses or how to say “Triang Mukhaikapada Paschimottanasana.” The most important thing I gleaned from this teacher training is that the Holy Spirit has greater plans for me than I can imagine and to “be still and know that He is God.”

    A few adjectives for New Day YTT include: Holy Spirit-guided, warm, fun, enlightening, refreshing, healing, nurturing, and empowering.

    You will feel confident in your ability to safely lead students from one asana to the next without injury. She encourages each student to find his/her own voice, to write a life mission statement, and to be confident about your unique expression of yoga.

    You will receive a well-rounded education that respectfully highlights the ancient wisdom and traditions of yoga to find the Most High God’s intention for body-mind-spirit, rather than man’s religious/ritualistic/humanistic striving to perfect the self. You will see God has a plan for yoga, and that other religions do not own all the mystical experiences on the earth. Yoga is meant for you and Jesus, Jesus and you.

    April Brown, YTT Graduate 2008
  • My expectations were always exceeded during the training experience at New Day Yoga. Dayna is first and foremost committed to being led by the Holy Spirit to teach yoga from a Christian perspective. Her love and zeal for the Lord drive her energy to share the gift of receiving the spiritual, mental and physical benefits of yoga. Strengthening this energy is Dayna’s knowledge of yoga, her gift for teaching, and her ability to present curriculum preparing the trainee in a thorough fashion. Training classes were always held professionally and effectively, making excellent use of the training schedule. I feel blessed to have been in the first graduation class from New Day Yoga Teacher Training School and am well prepared to begin teaching my own classes of yoga from a Christian perspective.

    Lori Smith, RYT, Transformation Yoga
  • I had to let you know how very much I enjoyed the Centering Prayer workshop on Saturday. Not only was the actual prayer time special, but all the information you shared with the overheads and the handouts was so worthwhile. And needless to say, our Lord knew I needed to be there that day for the peace and stillness necessary for my soul.

    Beth Bullock
  • Thank you for the wonderful classes I’ve attended with you. You are a fantastic teacher and I can really feel the difference when I’ve worked with you. May you continue to bless many lives with your energy, grace and talent.

    Mary DeLuca, Northbrook United Methodist Church
  • Christian yoga has helped me to appreciate the body, the breath, and the form that the body represents as the temple of God. My outlook has changed; I’m more accepting and appreciative of the body God gave me.

    Tammy Cochran, Marietta First United Methodist Church
  • It’s wonderful to merge our relationship with the Lord with the benefits of yoga.

    Judy Merrow, Christ the King Church
  • You have a very important mission of combining spirituality with healthy living and exercise. Father Thomas Francis, Monastery of the Holy Spirit

    I really like the feeling I get from doing yoga, a combination of looseness and strength, plus peace from additional time invested in growing my relationship with God.

    C. Ruckdeschel, Marietta First United Methodist Church
  • Suddenly scriptures I’ve heard before, just spoken into the air, are now connecting with me, with my body, with my movements, with my breath and my efforts.

    Emily Carpenter, Northgate Church of Atlanta
  • have to tell you how much taking your spiritual, relaxation yoga classes for the last 4 yrs. have helped me through my back surgery. I had two cervical herniated discs removed (C5-6 & C6-7), and I now have a 3’ vertical cut in the front of my neck with no neck brace. While waiting in recovery for two extra hours, I used the deep breathing method to relax and increased my oxygen leave back up to 98%. Bob said my color looked better than any one in our family after major surgery! [Thanks to yoga and the Lord], my only restrictions after the surgery are no heavy housework or riding in a car for one month. Your Yoga classes have taught me how to breathe & relax through pain & are now helping me to relax at home & listen to my body & figure out how to sleep comfortably.

    Joy Lambie
  • The experience of New Day Yoga Teacher Training has been one of the most satisfying of my life.

    I met Dayna Gelinas at my home church, Good Shepherd Presbyterian, in Lilburn, Georgia, in October of 2005. I had just turned 40 and was looking for a challenging new direction in my spiritual life. Dayna was teaching a “Yoga from a Christian Perspective and Centering Prayer” workshop. I was immediately struck by her commitment to the teaching of yoga and her love for the Lord. Since I was relatively new to yoga at the time, she made me feel safe while I attempted postures that were new to me. I was impressed with her organization as well. She outlined her approach to yoga verbally as well as with handouts. She made sure we each received information about future workshops and classes with her. Dayna was just glowing with her love for the Lord throughout the workshop. When she mentioned a Yoga Teacher Training class with her, I made sure I picked up a flyer.

    The next step in the process was meeting with Dayna in her home to discuss the training and see if the program was right for me and for her. I was so impressed with the beauty of the New Day Studio. It was clean and fresh with lots of light. As I talked with Dayna, I knew that I wanted to study with her. When the training began, we all got to know her husband, Gary, who is a delightful, supportive person. He graciously welcomed us students and made us all comfortable during the 10 weekend sessions.

    The selection of text books for the class was very impressive and comprehensive, and I found them to be a vital resource throughout the training. The syllabus for the class was clear and comprehensive, and outside preparation was clearly outlined and explained during the introductory meeting.

    The time commitment was daunting. It definitely took a commitment on the part of my husband and children. My experience during the Teacher Training showed me how valuable every minute is toward my personal growth as a yoga teacher and a Christian.

    During the training, I found an extension to my family. I learned so much from the other students. I learned to be kind to myself (Ahimsa) and how that practice of kindness will enrich the lives of my future students. During each weekend session, I felt the genuine presence of the Holy Spirit. As I grew in knowledge of Yoga principles and postures, I grew in knowledge of the Lord and deepened my relationship with Him.

    Now that I am teaching Yoga, I KNOW that New Day Yoga Teacher Training has prepared me for the experience. I have myriad resources from the class, including textbooks, notes and resource lists. I also have a built-in support system. I know that I can call upon Dayna, Nancy, Barb, Lindsey or Lori for advice and encouragement.

    I would encourage anyone interested in teaching yoga from a Christian perspective to prayerfully consider New Day Yoga Teacher Training as the platform for beginning his or her career.

    Donna Broom-RYT 200, Graduate of New Day Yoga Teacher Training 2006
  • I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your teaching and the opportunity to learn more about yoga through New Day Yoga Teacher Training. I have been teaching this year and also taking classes at studios. It has made me realize just how blessed I am to have been exposed to your approach. It truly laid a great foundation in order to pursue teaching as well as exploring yoga personally. Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am.

    Lindsey Johnson, RYT Feel Good Yoga
  • I wouldn’t have wanted to train for my 200 level certificate with any other teacher or through any other program. New Day Yoga was the perfect place for me. If you’re a Christian and you love yoga this is the place for you! Kandy Duke, Graduate of New Day Yoga Teacher Training 2007

    Just a note to say what a beautiful time it was to be with you and others at the Holy Spirit Monastery this weekend. “How lovely are the feet of those who bring good news”. I woke up this morning with a grateful heart and some new ways to approach my yoga practice and to integrate my faith. I just returned from my class and it was wonderful. Thank you! Know that I will be praying for God’s favor for you and for others to be enriched and stretched in their faith and yoga practice for having been with you.

    Barbara D. Carlin MA, LAPC
  • I know you truly have a gift from God that you are using every day to make Him revel in your love for Him and His love for you. You are an amazing teacher and not only do I feel revitalized after one of your classes, but I want to become a better person after spending time with you and in your classes.

    Thank you for using the wonderful gifts God has given you so well and so often with so many. The yoga retreat was more awesome than I could ever imagine. Thank you for gathering such an amazing group in an amazing place for amazing things and experiences. You are amazing and you inspire me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Vallory Wellday, Clarkedale, GA
  • Susie Casselman (New Day Yoga Graduate 2007) is doing a great job at Northbrook UMC and we have you to thank for that….you are a good teacher and have passed your knowledge and enthusiasm along to others and for this I thank you.

    Donna Henderson, Alpharetta, GA
  • Truly I am thankful for you, Dayna. Not only do you bless me with the practice of yoga but your insights are a blessing spiritually.

    Susan Reynolds, Marietta, GA
  • 1-Day Retreat at Mt. Zion 1-8-11

    I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the yoga retreat yesterday. I could feel the Spirit of our Lord in that room and it amazed me and brought a JOY to the experience. Thank you for your strong focus on the spiritual as well as the physical. Your love for the Lord inspires me and I know he is using you in a BIG way!!! I want to draw closer to the Lord and become more intentional as I focus on this New Year. You have helped me off to a great start.

    Dana Hilley, Marietta, GA
  • I love hearing about your ongoing teaching, and when I need a lift I look at your web-site, and imagine you in your beautiful studio. You inspire me constantly and I want you to know that. I’m so grateful you’re in my life.

    Amy Russell, NY, NY
  • I want to thank you for the ministry you have through yoga. I cannot express to you what a gift it is for me to participate in such a spiritual practice with other women. The first several weeks of class, I wept tears of joy during my drive home. I was overcome with gratitude to God for placing me in the class and in AWE that He has given someone else a vision similar to my own. It’s such a beautiful thing–what you are doing! My heart appreciates it so much!

    Amy von Borstel, Marietta, GA
  • What a wonderful private session. I feel blessed, healed, invigorated and very filled with hope about my practice. Thank you so very much for your time, your energy, your expertise and your solid faith. I am so happy to have you in my life.

    Dede Yow, Marietta, GA
  • I just wanted to thank you for all you did to make the Graymoor Christians Practicing Yoga Retreat in July 2010 so well run and powerful. I’m just now getting time to organize all the blessing, bibliographies, books and music material that everyone shared on Friday night. Holy Moly… what a resourceful group. I’m thrilled that you will continue to organize this group and I’ll stay close to the website for updates.

    Continued success in your New Day Yoga Program. I purchased your curriculum and am in awe of all your creativity and good ideas.

    Ellie Quagliaroli, Branford, CT
  • I received the notebook today, and it is outstanding as usual!

    Thank you so much. I appreciate your guidance and support in my journey to bring yoga to my community. It has been slow going, but my name is finally getting out. I love it when I teach a class to someone new and after they come out of savasana, they just gush at how fabulous they feel, and wonder why they never tried yoga before, or comment that, if they have experienced another yoga class in the past, my class is so much more peaceful and relaxing than those other classes. 🙂 I attribute it to the outline you provided in the certification training! I use that outline for all my classes, Christian and secular (the biggest difference between the two is I use Scripture for Christian, and inspirational quotes for the other).

    Erin Smith, CYTCC 2010 Graduate, Noble, Oklahoma
  • First, I must praise God, our Lord and King, for your life and the ministry He works through you at New Day Yoga. Your faithfulness in letting God use you as His vessel to spread the Truth of God’s Kingdom must delight our Lord greatly. Praise the Lord for His mighty works and thank you Dayna for being God’s faithful servant! YES — Praise God!

    I have been on many retreats in my life — but none have compared to the power of this retreat. Your openness and surrender to allow the Holy Spirit to have control over the weekend was evident. His presence was so powerful especially for me during prayer time in the small chapel. You said something about the uniqueness of how God comes to us during times of authentic worship — YES — authentic worship! Thank you for modeling and leading us so humbly and sincerely, guiding us to use our whole heart, soul, mind and strength in loving our Lord and worshiping Him. That very next Friday morning I led a Moms In Touch prayer group of moms from Harrison’s school and very naturally during prayer time I led us in singing the doxology in that same way you led us — awesome!

    Thank you for the opportunity for silent meditation on the beautiful river deck. I liked the freedom of just waking up and going to God in silence first thing, without the necessity of having a yoga practice first — YES — freedom!

    The variety of teaching voices with your yoga teachers — New Day Yoga teachers — was a such a blessing. The fruit of your labor and faithfulness to God’s call. Thank you — YES — faithfulness!

    The teacher workshops where we poured out our hearts and minds to share, support, generate new energy, directions and ideas was invaluable. Thank you for creating this environment where we could be honest and open and be with like minds and hearts and callings. YES — Real Community!

    The rhythm of the retreat was beautiful and the melody was rich! Thank you so much for the opportunity to share my voice and gifts in teaching and sharing. Thank you for being my teacher of yoga from a Christian perspective. Just being with you helps me drink up the strength of God and His Truths! YES — Thanksgiving!

    I Love you sooooo much!

    Lori Smith, YTT 2006 Graduate, Huntsville, AL
  • Thank you so much for all the prayer, time, thought and love that went into creating your Christian yoga curriculum. These new understandings and applications will add so much to my teaching! You create a warm inviting circle of trust and I look forward to being in that circle again–

    Cathy Crosby, Atlanta, GA 12-Hr. CYTCC 2011
  • Just want to let you know, your class for the last 15 months has been a God Send. There has been a significant reduction in the pain in my low back, legs and neck. It is great and I look forward to each Tuesday.

    Mike Brusnahan, Marietta, GA
  • My experience at New Day Yoga Teacher Training was awesome. I had practiced yoga for many years and had even done some teaching before this course. We learned how to be professional teachers in the actual teaching of the asanas, structure of a class and ethics. Ethics were learned from both the traditional approach of yoga as well as the Christ-centered approach. Dayna is very organized and professional as well as warm hearted and fun. I highly recommend this training to any Christian and would be happy to talk with anyone interested in taking this course.

    Pat Tomczyk, Graduate of YTT 2007, Blairsville, GA
  • I haven’t sent you my official Thank you e-mail for the wonderful retreat weekend to learn to teach Yoga from a Christian Perspective. I had a fabulous time. You treated us all like we were at the spa! Lunch and snacks were yummy, healthy and beautifully presented. Coming from out of town, I found this much nicer than dashing out to find something appealing to eat in a short time period.

    It was great to meet such a nice group of Christian women who all love practicing yoga but also love the Lord. I’m pleased we have kept in touch and hope this continues. The sharing time was helpful.

    I don’t think I can thank you enough for the encouragement and wonderful material you equipped me with that weekend. I love the “Year of Scripture” page and am following that at the beginning of each yoga class. I am ending with parts of your “Savasana Prayer” page. My class at church will expand to 2 classes in March! All of this has been of tremendous help until I can become creative on my own.

    Lynda Spalding, 12-Hr Introduction to Yoga from a Christian Perspective Course, Jan. 13-14, 2012
  • I want to thank you for all of the love, respect, guidance, and encouragement that you gave to all of us during the YTT 2012. You opened up your beautiful home studio to us, and you opened your heart to share with us your experience of teaching yoga from a Christian perspective. I appreciated your organization of the classes, and I was impressed and encouraged by your passion for teaching. I know that, when you sent out your announcement for the YTT 2013, all of your 2012 graduates smiled as we thought back to the great experiences we had last year.

    Thank you for being our teacher as we stretch and meditate along the Way.

    Keith Durso, YTT 2012
  • I’ve realized using props is a great way to get more effects from the asanas and I become less frustrated, especially learning a new pose. When I began my teaching, core cues were my weakness. I have learned to give more core cues and use my core more in my personal practice. I learned that my strength is knowing and recognizing good physical alignment. I will be able to instruct my students safely in and out of poses. Because alignment is so important, I believe in using props so everyone is able to do some expression of the pose.

    YTT 2013 participant , Dayna
  • I enjoy anatomy. I believe that I’m becoming a good cue-er! I think my voice can be soft and soothing when it needs to be and strong and encouraging as the practice “heats up.” I think my students will and are benefitting from thinking about how their bodies move by being aware of different muscles and alignment they maybe didn’t know. I think they will have a connection to mind, body and the Holy Spirit. All three parts of cueing a posture are important coming into, holding and moving out of. The cues help remind me to be aware of different muscles, alignment and breathing actions. It’s great to be able to use the cues to create sequences or special vinyasas to work on different apex poses.

    Susan Goff, YTT 2013; What I learned through YTT
  • I enjoy anatomy. I believe that I’m becoming a good cue-er! I think my voice can be soft and soothing when it needs to be and strong and encouraging as the practice “heats up.” I think my students will and are benefitting from thinking about how their bodies move by being aware of different muscles and alignment they maybe didn’t know. I think they will have a connection to mind, body and the Holy Spirit. All three parts of cueing a posture are important coming into, holding and moving out of. The cues help remind me to be aware of different muscles, alignment and breathing actions. It’s great to be able to use the cues to create sequences or special vinyasas to work on different apex poses.

    Susan Goff, YTT 2013; What I learned through YTT
  • I want to thank you so much for the fabulous training I’ve had from you. I assisted a beginners workshop tonight that’s part of our beginner series at the studio, and I realized just how blessed we were to receive the alignment training you gave us. This other teacher’s form was terrible in some poses and some of her cues were downright dangerous…it was all I could do not to correct her! 🙂 The more I’m seeing from other teachers (and these have graduated from good training programs!) the more thankful I am for the training I had with you. So thank you for all the hard work you put into our class…it’s so appreciated!

    Sharon Green, YTT 2013.
  • Hi Dear Dayna, You just have to know what a blessing your teacher training manual is, First I read it like “new yoga stuff to learn,” now, after some years, I am deeper aware of where I am going in my christian path and yoga, I really had to struggle the last years about what to do with my teaching and I am in the midst of the process.. Anyway, I ask God to lead me, I feel a bit alone in the whole, but it really encourages me to read and study your material. 🙂

    Janni, Sweden
  • I got my first paycheck from teaching yoga today! I have gotten great feedback from my students at AHS and Pure Vitality. But, you have opened the door to so much more for me! Through teaching yoga I have felt God’s love and seen his mighty power. I see Him working in the lives of my students. Your training was organized, thoughtful, purposeful, and filled with the Holy Spirit. I cannot thank you enough! I loved learning from you and watching God shine. I find such strength of spirit on my mat and God pouring his Holy Spirit on me. I have learned to let go of the ‘plan’ and give God my dreams. Oh, and it is freeing!!!

    Samantha Yarborough, YTT 2015